Funds and Awards

Ma II Bronze Age Ship. 2020-ongoing. Dhakira, in partnership with Zayed University secured a grant of AED 6,835, 345 (six million eight hundred and thirty-five thousand three hundred and forty-five dirhams) from the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism to construct the Ma II Bronze Age Ship.

Undergraduate Urban Humanities Research Fund. 2021. The research fund is sponsored by the Andrew Mellon Foundation and offered by NYU New York. The fund will help continue the research work on Delma Island in the context of the Delma Island Heritage Lab while giving the fellow the possibility to buy equipment for heritage research. The outputs of the fund are an update on the digital map of Delma and a draft of the research report.

Fund for Inclusion and Innovation. 2022. Visiting Associate Professor, Alia Yunis, with the project Re-Emerging Past(s) is part of the inaugural cohort of recipients of the award in recognition of the dedication to advancing Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Belonging and Access at NYU Abu Dhabi. The award is sponsored by the Office of Inclusion and Equity in the Vice Chancellor’s Office and the Office of the Provost at New York University Abu Dhabi.


What goes into a UNESCO nomination? Alternative Heritage Practices in the UAE and Eritrea , Post-Graduate Research Fellowship, NiccolòAcram Cappelletto, AY 21-22. This fellowship funded by the Undergraduate Research Office at New York University Abu Dhabi features a one-year-long series of projects for one recent graduate at NYU Abu Dhabi. This year’s fellow with Dhakira Center is focusing on postcolonial heritage in Italy through the lens of contemporary art. In the context of the UAE, the research focuses on the Digital Heritage Lab working on the Delma Island map and in the Global Heritage Futures Lab, in particular participating in the Our World Heritage and overseeing the project Re-Emerging Past(s) . Moreover, the fellow is involved with the everyday activities of Dhakira from administration to programming.

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