Dhakira represents an active center for furthering scholarships and networks in the Gulf region and across the world. As part of a research University, it is fundamental to organise conferences that show the role of heritage in a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary way.


Scientific Research for Cultural Heritage

In partnership with the NYUAD Institute, the symposium happened in February 27 - March 1, 2017 and brought together international members of the scientific community whose research specializes in the field of cultural heritage. Of particular importance were the topics of basic research and applied scientific methods for the investigation and conservation of various objects of cultural heritage, as well as the use of these methods in museums and fieldwork. The aim was to strengthen the collaboration between different disciplines involved in cultural heritage research, and to foster alliances between scientists, archaeologists, and art historians.

Convened by:

  • Francesco Arneodo, Co-Director Dhakira and Associate Professor of Physics, NYUAD
  • Maria Baias, former Assistant Professor of Chemistry, NYUAD
  • Reindert Falkenburg, former Vice Provost for Intellectural and Cultural Outreach, NYUAD

Organized by:

  • Alberto Gandolfi, Visiting Professor of Mathematics, NYUAD
  • Fiona Kidd, Assistant Professor of History, Art and Art History, NYUAD
  • Robert Parthesius, Director of CIE, Visiting Professor of Heritage and Museums Studies, NYUAD


The Unpredictable Past: National Museums and Stable Civil Societies

National museums face many challenges and transitions, but are still powerful cultural tools. This conference brings together academics and practitioners from around the world in order to debate the complex origins and natures of national museums, reflect on the changing roles of these cultural spaces, and search for new pathways to navigate the past and explore heritage more inclusively.

Convened by:

  • Robert Parthesius, Director of CIE, Centre for International Heritage Activities; Visiting Professor of Heritage and Museum Studies, NYUAD

In collaboration with CIE - Center for International Heritage Activities

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