The Heritage Lab

The HeritageLab, the cross-thematic nexus of DHAKIRA, serves both as a methodological framework and research focus to study inclusive and sustainable heritage management models. Enriching output and formalizing interdisciplinary study, this synergetic hub stimulates research and collaboration across the fields of heritage, memory studies, material culture and sciences, social sciences, archaeology and conservation, museums, and digital heritage and humanities.

The HeritageLab addresses current challenges in heritage studies that have been created by divisions between theory and practice and between object/site-focused material conservationist paradigms of heritage management and the critical heritage studies approach, which looks at ways people are using their past for cultural, social and economic purposes.

Through academic, educational, and outreach activities, the HeritageLab creates an accretional platform where Dhakira and its partners can carry out their research, develop the interdisciplinary approach, and implement their research-based learning approach with students and communities. It is both a methodological and physical space.

Active HeritageLabs

Past Labs

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